Workshops are one of our most important educational tools, through which Alícia explains its message and transmits knowledge to everyone. These are sessions in which participants learn and experiment in an entertaining way about food, good eating habits, cooking and their relationship with science and the cultural and food heritage.  

In all the workshops, experimentation is the main learning activity. 




Homo Alimentarius”: an individual prepared to eat as healthily as possible.

Who are Homo Alimentarius? Where can they be found?

The team invites you to play and investigate as part of an original experience where, using tests and dynamics, we fill in gaps in our knowledge, finding out and getting to know what the Alícia Foundation is and what it does. The Alícia Foundation, which takes its name from a combination of the Catalan words for “food” (alimentació) and “science” (ciència), is a centre devoted to research into cooking which promotes a good diet and works so that we can all eat better.

LEVEL: suitable for all audiences.
1 hour and a half.

DATES: Every Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm

GROUPS: check availability and schedule by calling +34 93 875 94 01  
+34 93 875 94 01 - 




The educational program of Món Sant Benet has completely renovated the workshops for this new course. They renovated the activities related to the monastery and food. Taking advantage of the research and knowledge of the Alícia Foundation, we propose to work as important as food from three different axes field: healthy habits, discovery and historical cuisine.

Consult educational activities for the 2019-2020 year.

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Workshops are programmed to meet the needs of businesses, centres, associations and all kinds of groups who wish to harness Alícia’s knowledge by linking it to their own needs or to those of people they interact with. Alícia’s “a la carte” workshops, whether they are taken in our own installations or in those of the applicants, are some of the most in-demand and successful public educational activities of the Foundation.

For more information on Alícia’s professional workshops please contact to:

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