Photo Contest of tips and tricks against food waste

Published November 17, 2012
Alícia participates as a juror, along with Lékué and Vida Meva in the photo contest organized by the Association of Environmental Space. The contest will evaluate the professional and domestic proposals by its originality and applicability in reducing food waste, which will contribute to the campaign "De menjar, no en llencem ni mica" (do not throw any food!).
Alícia shares proactive actions to prevent waste and also helps to carry them out. The Foundation works with the Environment Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona to develop a protocol for bars and restaurants, in order to reduce food waste. The protocol, free online download, will be available in late 2012 and will aim to recommend actions and behaviors to reduce food waste by 4% to 10% of the approximately 63,000 tons of food from bars and restaurants that is thrown away annually.
In addition, Alícia will be present at the Conference on Waste Prevention by Generalitat de Catalunya, from 20 to 24 November, with the workshop "Aquí no es llença res" (Here nothing is thrown away!), held in Alícia Bus.