Published February 13, 2013
Cooking in the microwave is day by day being consolidated like one of the cooking ways of the future, since it is fast, clean, safe, healthy and sustainable. Note that even though the appliance it is in most homes, so many people cooking in the microwave is still an unknown, which concentrates various myths and false assumptions.
To achieve this goal, Alícia is conducting a study and systematic methodology through which investigates the different cooking food in the microwave. There are optimized cooking times for best organoleptic results.
This type of cooking is not intended to replace the cooking methods that already exist, which have been passed down through generations. This kitchen is intended to respond to social needs marked by lack of time and often the lack of culinary knowledge, you need not be an impediment to maintaining a healthy diet, sustainable and enjoyable organoleptically.
There is much work to do, and all the knowledge generated is to offer people. An example of this is the book that was presented a few months ago, developed jointly by Alícia Foundation and Lékué, From the talbe to the kitchen in 10 minuts, consisting of practical recipes, simple and good that can be included in a balanced diet. The book has been created by a multidisciplinary team of chemists, technologists, nutritionists and chefs, who have reviewed various aspects of technology, culinary and nutrition to offer a complete work and available to everyone.