Published April 11, 2013
Alícia Foundation has been working in Món Sant Benet for everyone to eat better during five years, and we want to celebrate it with a party the weekend of 27 and 28 of April with a wide range of proposals, activities, workshops, videos... to enjoy and learn. 
Five years ago, Alícia opened its center in Món Sant Benet, where research scientists and chefs together transferred ideas and tools to improve the alimentation of all.
The knowledge that is created in the kitchen-lab of Alícia Foundation, spreads to the entire population, with its workshop. Opened to the public on the premises, and also from different scenarios all over the world.
The education strategy developed in Alícia Foundation is based from the start on the principle of educating in kitchen. That is, providing tools of knowledge, skills and awareness to know, know how and want to do to facilitate and improve the alimentation management in day to day.
Today, scientific evidence validates Alícia method. Recent scientific papers and publications demonstrate that indeed the basic culinary education significantly improves the nutrition of the population.
That is why, as part of the celebration of the five years in Món Sant Benet, we want to show and share our work. Therefore we celebrate Alicia't: the feast of healthy cooking, easy and fun.
All of you are invited.
Join it