The Alícia Foundation organizes the International Congress on food heritage together with the Odela Food Observatory of the University of Barcelona.

Published May 31, 2019

The professional event consists on a practical pre-congress that will take place on June 18th at The Alícia Foundation in Món Sant Benet, and the central Congress, which under the title "Heritage, Food Tourism and Sustainability" will be held on the 19th, 20th and 21st June at La Pedrera (morning) and Barcelona University (Afternoon).

For the fifth year, the Alicia Foundation leads, along with the Food Observatory of the University of Barcelona Odela, an International Congress on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of June with its main headquarters in La Pedrera. This year's edition leads on food heritage in its relationship with tourism and sustainability and consists of a series of presentations, roundtables and communications around the theme.

Among the most outstanding issues are the inaugural lecture given by Josep Roca of Celler de Can Roca, in Girona, under the title “Physical and human geography. About gastronomy and sustainability”. Or the roundtable “What cannot be seen does not exist. Who communicates the messages around the valoritsation on food heritage, what is the information communicated and how is it done”, moderated by the director of the Alícia Foundation, Toni Massanés or the roundtable “Public policies in favour of food cultures” with the sociologist Jean-Pierre Poulain.

Prior to the celebration of the congress, on June 18th, the Alicia Foundation will hold the pre-congress, a space for knowledge transfer and debate on the experience of professionals dedicated to the management, creation and maintenance of the gastronomic patrimonial resources.

The pre-congress consists on several sessions, theoretical and practical, that will show how culinary intervention is executed in the patrimonization plans, how research is carried out in the kitchen to obtain real results that can be applied in the framework of the initiatives of valorisation. The sessions are designed to provide the assistants with practical tools that can be useful in the development of their projects

The practical sessions will include a degustation and the direct participation of the assistants in the proposals formulated. Lunchtime include a meal related to the Catalan gastronomic traditions and to the products of the territory. A guided tasting in which the assistants will discover some peculiarities about the Catalans meals they will enjoy.

The Àpat Catalunya is a project that the Fundación Alícia has developed with Prodeca, a Catalan food promoter from the Generalitat. The aim is to generate a format of lunches that explain the cuisine and the Catalan gastronomic culture to a foreign public and that serve to promote the products produced in the territory.

Before the celebration of the meal, a guided visit will take place through the unique environment of Món Sant Benet and projects and particularities linked to the territory will be explained. An example, dry stone constructions, an UNESCO World Heritage site. The pre-congress is an excellent proposal to start the Congress with a deeper knowledge of the territory in which it takes place, its heritage and singularities.

If you want to attend the pre-congress you can register here