Published May 24, 2019

Alícia Foundation open a new internship call for the next year

The course is a training action aimed at contributing to improving the professional and academic qualifications of professionals and students from all over the world who have completed or are studying higher and university courses related to cooking, health and food and the gastronomy and food heritage of regions.

Method in culinary research is provided to help everyone eat better; to allow students and professionals to learn what best suits their skills and potential, to get the most out of it. It enables participation in research applied to culinary products and processes, in theoretical and practical projects related to food and health, as well as works related to the gastronomy heritage of regions.

The course allows interaction in the areas of knowledge associated with cooking and the related disciplines, from the point of view of science, technology, health, food production, food dissemination and food consumption. The course will feature interaction with food technologists, chemists, biologists, engineers, nutritionists, agronomists, anthropologists and professionals from other disciplines who work with the chefs to develop optimum food solutions to the needs of the population.
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