Published December 20, 2013

Alícia Foundation is a research center in kitchen. It has a multidisciplinary team of experts in the daily management of the alimentation, among other things, it develops practical tools for people to eat more healthy and sustainable. An example of these tools is the pyramid of Alícia, designed to help to understand what to eat, how to eat, how to cook and how to move.

Alícia pyramid has four faces, download it, make it and explore the information it gives to each of the faces:

WHAT TO EAT? It shows us what we need to eat right according to our environment. At the base is that we should eat more often and, as the pyramid narrows, there is what we should eat less and less amount or frequency. At the top are those foods which can consume only occasionally.

HOW TO COOK? The way food is cooked is final when deciding how often we eat. We often advise boiled potatoes, baked or mashed, if they don't have butter.

HOW TO EAT? To eat properly, you must spend a minimum of time, try to do in the company whenever possible and avoid too distracted watching TV meals. You have to eat foods in season, keep in mind the tradition and look forward to trying new things. Savor every bite however simple.

HOW TO MOVE? Exercise is as essential as eating well, always according to our age and ability, we help you find good. In addition, physical activity we do will determine the amount and type of food we need to balance energy expenditure.