Alícia receives the 2012 Diploma of Honor awarded by the Mediterranean Foundation

Published March 8, 2012

The campaign 'Som el que mengem', 'We are what we eat', driven by the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Alícia Foundation supported by the Foundation SHE, and the aim of promoting good nutrition among young people, continues to receive recognition. To the award given a few weeks ago by the Fair Board of Garrigues, adds a new distinction: the diploma of honor awarded by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation. This entity, noted for 'Som el que mengem' his valuable contribution to the dissemination of the values of the Mediterranean diet. 

The award will be presented on March 28 at the Salon de Cent of Barcelona City Council in the framework of the IX International Congress of Barcelona on the Mediterranean Diet, which coincides with the International Food and Beverages, Food 2012.

The program aims to:

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle, the practice of sport and healthy eating among children and youth.
  • Inform and educate on the importance of food to coaches and trainers who work regularly with children so they also can be transmitted.
  • Sensitize the general public of the importance of healthy lifestyles.

The activities carried out during September-December 2011

  • Workshops on healthy eating in Jardinets de Gràcia during the Festival of La Mercè 2011, attended by 12,000 people.
  • Conferences on sport and healthy eating in 7 universities, with had an attendance of 1,400 people.
  • Distribution of apples and information leaflets on healthy eating during the game Barca-Mallorca, 90,000 leaflets and 15,000 apples.
  • Training events on healthy eating for children in sports facilities in 50 municipalities of Catalonia, including the distribution of healthy food packs to 17,000 children.
  • Creation of the Web 'Som el que mengem' with educational content designed to promote healthy eating and food in general linked to sports.