Alicia presents the book "La pastisseria i la cuina de la garrofa"

Published February 8, 2012

Alícia presents the book La pastisseria i la cuina de la garrofa (Pastries and Cooking with the Carob), 

The book presents a collection of recipes in which we propose a new culture concerning this humble and frequently disdained product of our land. This innovative book has been driven from a programmatic respect for the carob and its tradition. The collective work, inspired by the chef David Brull Sabaté, with photographs by Paül Peralta, an introduction by the historian and gastronomic expert Jaume Fàbrega and the participation of Alícia, includes collaborations from the world of restaurants, confectioner’s, bakers and cookery schools. This is a work of genuine excellence that will awaken the curiosity of professionals and enthusiasts for the world of cuisine alike.

The reader will find a set of basic recipes and a broad range of dishes where the carob is used as a new ingredient, flavoursome and versatile, for all types of meals. The contributions made by various professional chefs are also presented, with such varied proposals as the creative “tri-phase” of carob, oats and “ratafia” or the environmentally friendly ecological ginger and carob bread.