Every year, the Alícia Foundation presents a grant programme to attend curricular practice in the Foundation’s headquarters, with the aim of contributing to the realisation of the human potential that exists in the whole of its field of action, convinced of the importance of scientific progress, research and professional qualification for the development of society. 

The aim of these grants is to provide knowledge, scientific and methodological precision in culinary research, to promote healthy eating for all and for students to learn from what best suits their capacities and potential and for them to exploit this to the maximum. 

The grant programme covers the areas of knowledge associated with cuisine and related disciplines, from the point of view of science, technology, health, food production and consumption. It targets to students who are enrolled in any college or school that can formalise a training agreement with the Alicia Foundation. If they are currently not active students there is another option through the Foundation, check the clauses in the rules when applying.

Practice is held in the Foundation’s installations, full time, from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., for 4 months. The annual practice periods are: 

  • January-March
  • April-July
  • September-December 



  • Study and training in research applied to culinary products and processes and food habits in a world renowned centre; direction and tutorship of the research project by the scientists, chefs and experts of the Alícia Foundation.
  • The use of the installations and equipment of the Foundation (according to the conditions of Alícia) and the necessary raw materials.
  • Maintenance expenses: food and lodging (lunch from Monday to Friday). 
  • Unpaid

 To get more information: program@alicia.cat




Alícia announces 18 scholarships over 3 periods in order to provide the knowledge, scientific rigor and culinary research method to help everyone to eat better. Stagers will be able to learn what best fits in their capabilities and potential.

JAN - APRIL 11/01/19-12/04/19

Opening: 03/10/2018
Closing: 03/11/2018
Resolution: 19/11/2018

APRIL - JULY 26/04/19-26/07/19

Opening: 08/01/2019
Closing: 08/02/2019
Resolution: 25/02/2018

SEP - DEC 06/09/19-20/12/19

Opening: 03/05/2019
Closing: 03/06/2019
Resolution: 21/06/2019